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Solarpool on aurinkoenergiaan keskittyvä koko perheen kulttuuritapahtuma. Tarjoamme interaktiivista taidetta, työpajoja, historiaa ja performansseja sekä teknistä asiantuntemusta. Solarpool pyrkii luomaan tilanteita, joissa kaikenikäiset ihmiset voivat tutustua aurinkoenergiaan kiinnostavalla ja leikkisällä tavalla. Paikkamme Helsingissä on Mika Waltarin puisto, jossa on läsnä historiallinen yhteys Atoniin, Waltarin romaanissa Sinuhe egyptiläisessä keskeisellä sijalla olevaan auringonjumalaan. Toivotamme kaikki tervetulleiksi kesän 2008 tapahtumiimme!

Helsinki Solarpool Symposium

When : 13th, 14th and 15th of June.

Where : Mika Waltari Park, in the corner of Runeberginkatu and Apollonkatu

How to get there : Trams 8, 3b, 3t stop at Apollonkatu, Bus 14, 14b, 18


Friday, 13th June

Cafe the Crocodile tail will be open from 12.00-21.00

The workshop will be ongoing from 12.00 -21.00

There is art presented through out the days

There is ongoing info about solar energy

At 18.00 we proudly present Alaska who will perform acoustic music.

The ping pong table is always open

Saturday, 14th June

Cafe and workshop will be ongoing from 12.00-21.00

Ping Pong table is open

Ongoing information about solar energy from Kerttu Aitola who works as a research scientist at the laboratory of advanced energy systems in Helsinki

From 12.00 until closing at 21.00 we do readings in different languages from the work Sinuhe by Mika Waltari. This will interact with dance performances that will be performed around 14.00, 17, 00 20, 00. Percussions will be keeping the beat going on for this session. For anyone who wants to come and read or join in you are welcome!


Camilla Vuorenmaa
Henrik Stenberg
Anders Bergman
Gregoire Rousseau
Laura Wesamaa
Panos Panagiotis
Petri Junttila
Kresimir Popovic
Andrei Baharev
Alexander Düroff
Marti Berger
Lauri Isola
Osku Leinonen

Sunday, 15th June

The cafe and the workshop will go on from 12.00-18.00

The ping pong table is on at the same time

Solar energy information and art is presented through out the day



Here anybody interested can get acquainted with solarcells and their characteristics under professional guidance. We are using small panels that are getting integrated to functional units, which you can bring home. Examples on things that can be done are a portable small version of the music instrument Solarsisu or a small model car that is driven only on solar energy. Fore those who have own ideas and wants to try them out you can get in contact with Gregoire for advice.

/We provide equipment/.

Register to Helsinki workshop on 14th of June by sending email to:

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